Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

The “Landler“ of the Innviertel

Applicant: LEADER - Regionen Innviertel und Pramtal
Province: Upper Austria
Domain: Performing arts
Year of inclusion: 2013

The history of the dance is inseparably linked with the “Zechen” of the Innviertel. Originally, Zechen were entirely peasant confraternities that cultivated not only a form of conviviality but created their own special combination of dance (“Eicht”), music, poetry and song in a great artistic achievement called the Landler of the Innviertel. Its unique melody, an attached special yodel (“Almer”), as well as its slightly warped three-four rhythm makes the Landler of the Innviertel special within the Austrian “Ländler” family. With its numerous regional and individual manifestations it represents a cultural heritage that looks back on a tradition of over 250 years and is still handed down from one generation to the next.