Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

Viennese coffee house culture

Applicant: Klub der Wiener Kaffeehausbesitzer, Klubobmann KommR Maximilian K. Platzer
Province: Vienna
Domain: Social Practices
Year of inclusion: 2011

The tradition of the Viennese coffee house culture goes back to the end of the 17th century and is given distinction to by a very specific atmosphere. Typical for Viennese coffee houses are marble tables, on which the coffee is served, Thonet chairs, boxes (loges), newspaper tables and interior design details in the style of Historicism. Guests can choose from the selection of meals and drinks from early morning at 6am until midnight, while sometimes also enjoying readings and musical soirées. The coffee houses are a place “where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill.”