Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

"Lichtbratl"-Monday in Bad Ischl

Applicant: Hannes Heide, Bürgermeister der Stadtgemeinde Bad Ischl
Province: Upper Austria
Domain: Social Practices
Year of inclusion: 2011

Every year on the Monday after Michaelmas (29 September), the “Lichtbratlmontag" (“Monday of the lighting roast”) is celebrated in Bad Ischl. It derives from an old custom, where the master used to treat his workers to a roast, as artificial lighting had to be used again from that day onwards. Today, this “Lichtbratlmontag” is a festive gathering for all jubilarians from the age of 50 upwards with milestone birthdays, who were either born or reside in Bad Ischl.

These jubilarians are invited by a committee (of around 50 years of age themselves) to celebrate the festive day by attending church together and afterwards heading off on an excursion. From noon onwards, all stores and offices are closed and employers join in the festive events. The tradition of the “Lichtbratl” Monday in Bad Ischl has been celebrated for over a hundred years, with short interruptions only during the two World Wars.