Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

The Rag Procession in Ebensee

Applicant: Johannes Scheck i. V. Verein Ebenseer Fasching
Province: Upper Austria
Domain: Social Practices
Year of inclusion: 2011

The annual rag procession in Ebensee is a carnival procession on Shrove Monday in and around Ebensee, whose exact beginning has not yet been identified. The participants, the so-called “rags”, dress up in old women’s clothes with rags sewed onto them. In addition, they wear a "rag hat" as well as an elaborately carved wooden mask.

Traditionally, the procession gathers at a local inn in Kohlstatt and continues marching until the town hall of Ebensee. This is where “Austadeln”, the real climax of the event occurs: With altered voices, the “rags” give their fellow citizens a piece of their mind with the goal of not being recognised by the audience. This hustle and bustle is accompanied by the so-called “rag march”, the “Papapluie-March”.