Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

Oven and stove masonry in Burgenland

Applicant: Dr. Susanna Steiger-Moser i.V. Museum für Baukultur Neutal
Province: Burgenland
Domain: Traditional Craftsmanship
Year of inclusion: 2010

The villages Neutal, Ritzing and Sigless (Burgenland) have a strong tradition of oven and stove craftwork. Even in families without direct links to this sector, the identification with these handicrafts is very strong.

The need for classic masonry has declined due to the replacement of brick fireplaces and chimneys by steel ones; therefore, the masons’ tasks have become limited to repair and restoration work as well as supervisory work in connection to the inspection of workers in foreign countries. Manual masonry skills have been passed on for decades within factories, working groups and families. Nowadays, retired masons transfer their know-how with regard to this tradition to younger generations in Neutal’s Museum for Architecture and Planning which opened in 2005.