Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

The "Glöcklerlauf" in Ebensee

Applicant: Edi Promberger
i.V. Rindbacher, D'Sunnstoana, Roither Wichtel, Original Roither, Roither Buam klein, Roither Buam groß, Union, Jung Rindbach, Ortsfeuerwehr Ebensee, Alt Ebensee, Berggasse Bleichstatt, Katholische Jugend, Alt Kohlstatt, Hoch Neudorf, Jung Kohlstatt, Jung Ebensee, Kinderfreunde Ebensee
Province: Upper Austria
Domain: Social Practices
Year of inclusion: 2010

The tradition of the “Glöcklerlauf” on January 5 (a specific type of race where participants carry large decorated caps made of paper on their heads) originated in Ebensee (Upper Austria) and spread throughout the whole Salzkammergut region around the Wolfgangsee (“Lake Wolfgang”) to Styria. Recent decades have shown increased interest in this tradition in large parts of Salzkammergut because the region’s potential as a tourist attraction has officially been acknowledged.

Integrating young people into this tradition is extremely important to the “Glöcklerpassen” (the participating groups of runners). For this reason, special groups have been formed for children and adolescents as a way of communicating the value and delight of this tradition to the up-coming generations. Moreover, these groups should slowly bring the youngsters closer to the adult groups.

When this tradition began, only young unmarried men were allowed to participate in the runs; nowadays, being single is no longer a criterion for admission into one of the groups. Females have also become acquainted with different tasks in the “Glöcklerlauf” during recent decades.