Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria

Slovenian field and house names in Carinthia

Applicant: Vertreter der Bürgerinitiativen, Vinko Wieser
Province: Carinthia
Domain: Oral Traditions
Year of inclusion: 2010

Traditional Slovenian field and house names are key to understanding the economic, socio-historical and linguistic development of Carinthia and its surroundings. They form part of the cultural heritage of Carinthian Slovenes, as well as the German-speaking inhabitants of the region.

These names reflect the deep-rootedness of the Slovenian language and culture in Carinthia. Currently, there are four major dialect groups that feature local variations and distinctive characteristics in the naming of their houses. At the same time, the Slovenian language – just as Slovenian house and field names – is in danger of disappearing. Tourist and hiking maps are being created to prevent this potential decline. In these, the aforementioned proper names are documented in dialect form and marked on the maps.