Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria


Applicant: Salzburger Rangglerverband, Landesobmann Hans Bernsteiner
Province: Salzburg
Domain: Social Practices
Year of inclusion: 2010

“Hundstoaranggeln” (a type of physical competition or form of wrestling match) is probably the oldest sport found in the Alps. It has its roots in the 14th century and takes place at the “Hoher Hundstein” in Pinzgau (Salzburg).

“Hundstoaranggeln“, which used to be named “Jakobiranggeln“ after St. Jacob and his festive day, is the most important and traditional annual competition. Thousands of potential competitors make a pilgrimage to the Hoher Hundstein on the last Sunday of July to participate in this event as either fighters or spectators. A very specific set of rules determines the throws, grips, clothing and duration of the individual competitions, as well as the nature of the competition arena. The champion is congratulated and celebrated as the “Hundstoa-Hogmoar” until the following year. It is said that this competition is the most honest form of power trial among men in the Alpine region.